As a builder today, you face new challenges that didn't exist when conventional insulation was developed. Consumers are changing their purchasing decisions because they are aware that the choices they make will impact energy consumption, energy savings, and indoor environmental quality. They are also changing the way they think about insulation. New programs and incentives have been developed that reward homeowners who reduce their impact on energy reservces and our environg. As a result, they are looking for insultation and other building materials that will help them achieve a healthier and more energy efficient living environment.


Homeowners are demaning a healthier, more energy efficient living environment. Icyenene will enhance your reputation as a quality-conscious and innovative remodeler.

Icynene offers remodelers and owners of exisiting homes an effective way to upgrade to modern standards at a fraction of the cost of gutting and re-installing conventional insulation. Icynene is an investment that pays back with savings in monthly energy bills, HVAC equipment cost and provides the healthy and quiet benefits for overall comforat and peace-of-mind.

Benefits of Spray Foam in Remodeling:

  • Ideal where interior surfaces of walls, ceilings and floors are exposed
  • Adheres to construction materials
  • Eliminated need for gutting or tearing down walls
  • Streamlined constructed process. Decreased Costs, Unlimited Design Possibilities.

Nature’s Choice Spray Foam Insulation Co, specializes in installing high-performance insulation systems for residential and commercial projects. Over the past 6 years, Nature’s Choice Spray Foam Insulation Co. has offered homeowners effective way to upgrade the performance of an existing or new structure unlike any conventional insulation. We know that selecting the right insulation is a task that is often overlooked. Your choice of insulation has a major impact not only on your wallet but, on the long-term quality of the air you breath, heath, comfort of your home and the environment. By insulating with the high-performance Icynene insulation system you can create what matters most, a healthy more energy efficient home.